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Simone Linsell

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Enjoying the Journey with the Patience of a Saint!

By Andrew L. Rudder ~

© 2011 Rogue Enterprises, Inc.

Look throughout the northwestern coast of continental Europe within the United Kingdom,

Look from the very top of the Tower of Derby Cathedral throughout the city in the East Midlands of England,

From Westfield to Friar Gate to the banks of the River Derwent all surrounded by the shire county of Derbyshire,

And you won’t find another fiery, head strong Aries like Simone Linsell whose pristine, prepossessing pulchritude elevates the temperature of everyone’s aesthetic senses to the highest degree that she has become the object of many people’s carnal desire,

Who is cool as Antarctica under pressure but in the modeling industry she is hot, hot hotter than the Pacific Ring of Fire,

Who can chop your sexual inhibitions down with such relative ease from the razor-edged axe of her stunning, sultry sensuality that she’ll have you hollering out “timber!”

Who took out some of the glitter of her star by staying true to herself with no regrets, which means that once she reaches the upper echelons of the modeling industry her supernova will shine for longer ... brighter ... stronger,

When this stunningly sublime, strong-minded professional model sets out to do something she vehemently believes in, she’ll always stick to her guns and never back down from no one ... even from threats of hellfire!,

Simone is willing to take a chance of fulfilling all her dreams and take her illustrious modeling career to the next plateau until she soars higher and higher, 

She’ll take it all the way in any attire ... right down through the wire and even through the fire, 

Tell anyone that Simone

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