Desirée Claire


Desirée Claire

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~ 

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Desirée Claire is a socially conscious, prepossessing Playboy model and an aspiring actress, who majored in International Business and French at California State University, Long Beach.  Her growing success in the modeling industry is redefining the traditional gatekeeper’s conception and valuation of beauty, by showing the world that Native American women are pulchritudinous too, while simultaneously raising awareness of causes that she holds dear to her heart through an unwavering devotion to many worthwhile and noteworthy charities.  She was born in Coupeville, Island County, Washington, United States, in the heart of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve on Whidbey Island, between Port Townsend and Deception Pass State Park. 

Coupville is known as a mecca for a broad spectrum of talented artists of all colors and stripes, who consistently and constantly push the creative envelope in all of their artistic endeavors and who have an immense passion for perfecting their crafts.  These creators are: visual artists in every conceivable genre, who find inspiration in the wonderful panorama of the shorelines, woodlands, prairies and the placid waters of central Whidbey Island, as well as in the structures and the ebullient spirit of the people in the town; entertainers, such as musicians performing their mellifluous music at the band shell in Coupeville’s Town Park and the Coupeville Recreation Hall; and food artistry.

So from an early age the creative environment of Desirée’s childhood fertilized her subconscious landscape within her cerebral atmosphere, and planted the seed of creativity in the fertile soil of her mind, which she now cultivates every single day of her life to bare those fruits while they are still ripe in the real world, to inevitably reach new and greater heights, and boldly explore new frontiers, “I secretly write my own poetry and would love to one day write a children's book.  I have an overwhelming love for the outdoors.  I enjoy motorcycle riding, hiking, camping, skiing, and traveling.  I also love to do my own crafts: jewelry making, knitting, oil painting, creative writing and

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