Hawa Ahmed

Hawa Ahmed

Look, Listen and Feel

By Andrew Rudder for Rogue Magazine ~ andrew@roguemag.ca


Look ...

Look as far as the eye can see throughout the vast plains of northeastern Africa,

Look from the majestic highlands of the prodigious Mount Kenya,

Look from the coast on the Indian Ocean across the Low plains ... up toward the central highlands as far west as Ethiopia,

And you won’t see a more stunningly sublime winsome woman as the gracious Hawa,


Listen as far as the ears can hear beyond the Gulf of Aden within the Somali peninsula,

Listen to the whispers along the longest coastline on the continent moving faster than a sprinting, outstretched African cheetah,

Listen to the whispers sweeping across the continent growing into a resounding roar faster than the seasonal monsoon winds of Somalia,

And you will hear the trumpeting uproar of a beautiful angel from the Horn of Africa,

Feel ...

Feel as far as the heart can be touched within Northern Europe in a new era,

Feel the pulsating pulse of the Scandinavian peninsula,

Feel the palpitating heart of Sweden pump affection for a newly crowned jewel,

And you will perceive why her compatriots voted her Sweden’s Next Top Model,

Look, listen and feel,

Because perceiving the prepossessing pulchritude of Hawa that seems so surreal,

Elicits all of your aesthetic senses with unwavering zeal,

Look ... listen ... feel ...

Because the appeal of her wondrous winsomeness is for real,

Transcend beyond the mere aesthetic pleasure of your senses into the windows of her soul to reveal,

A zest for life that is too strong to conceal,

A zest for life ... too strong ... to conceal ...



Hawa Ahmed in Rogue Angels

Rogue Angels Interview

By Andrew Rudder for Rogue Magazine ~ andrew@roguemag.ca 



Andrew: It's with great pleasure that I introduce to you a thought provoking, professional model from the Scandinavian peninsula in Northern Europe named Hawa Ahmed, who has made some serious inroads into the European modeling industry after winning Sweden’s