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Yoo-Jin Lee

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca

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Andrew: Born in South Korea within the breathtaking, mountainous peninsula that’s flanked by the Yellow Sea to the west and the South Korean Sea to the east, and raised in: the ultra modern, megacity of Seoul by the Han River; the cultural capital of the world and the city that never sleeps, New York; and the most populous member state in the European Union, Germany, Yoo-Jin Lee is a talented, aspiring young actress.  Yoo-Jin dreams of one day following in her idol’s footsteps, Angelina Jolie, by not just mastering the art of cinematography and creating an impressive, awe-inspiring body of movies that tell inspiring and intriguing stories that captivate the imaginations and minds of people around the world, but also by caring about the important issues in the world that affect the masses and using her celebrity status to shed light on those worthwhile causes that are dear to her heart, and by being a positive influence in the lives of others.  Yoo-Jin also has a lot of big dreams of her own that she is working hard to bring to fruition in the moment as well with every waking breath that she takes.  She wants to be the first actress to introduce Korean movies in German in Germany, in French in France, and in English in English-speaking countries around the globe because South Korea is imbued with a lot enthralling and emotionally gripping stories that will pique the world’s interest. 

Yoo-Jin: It’s also one of my dreams that like the critically acclaimed film “Memoirs of a Geisha”, that someday I will act in Hollywood movies which are about traditional Korean characters and tell our unique stories from our perspective.  Korea has its own fascinating stories, and I know that people will not only be interested in them, but they will also be emotionally moved by them as well.  Even the screen will be attractive!  Korea has beautiful costumes, which are called 'Hanbok'. Our own old traditional fashion is fantastic.  I hope to make that kind of movie while collaborating with a visionary director, an enthusiastic, supportive staff, and gifted, focused actors and actresses who have an immense passion for their craft.


Andrew:  Yoo-Jin has a strong inclination to be a cultural diplomat for her fascinating country that has so much to offer and share with the world in terms of artistic value.  She also dreams of having her own talk show in South Korea that’ll provide her with a large enough platform to communicate with people from around the world, listen to their compelling stories, and give positive feedback to

yooJin lee
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