Xenia Likhacheva


Xenia Likhacheva

in the Rogue Angels Column of

Rogue Magazine

by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca

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Andrew:  Born and raised in the global city of Tallinn, which is the capital and largest city of Estonia by the northern coast of the country on the breathtaking shores of the Gulf of Finland, Xenia is a pulchritudinous, professional model and musician, who doesn’t have to see something to believe it; but rather as a pure, proactive positive-minded woman of action, she possesses the ability to believe in it first, and then make it happen.

Xenia:  I want to be happy and I want to make everyone be happy!


Andrew:  It’s this philosophy in life where her happiness is inextricably bound with the happiness of those other important people in her life that has brought her great karma, and in combination with her talent and unrelenting work ethic, focus and drive, has contributed to her having some amazing highlights in her illustrious modeling career thus far.

Xenia:  My victory in regional beauty contests as well as the cover of the magazine.?I am Miss Earth Estonia 2011, Miss International Estonia 2012, Miss Universe Estonia 2011 – 3rd runner up and also Miss Talent Estonia 2011.

Andrew:  Many people know Xenia as the beautiful model who travels around the world gracing the covers of international magazines and actively participating in international beauty contests, but a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised to learn about some of her other hidden talents, and other passions and interests.

Xenia:  I am professional musician as well as ballet dancer. I can play 4 musical instruments: piano, accordion, saxophone and block flute. Also I am an orchestra conductor.

Andrew:  Xenia is a gifted musician with boundless talent and potential, so there are other aspects of the entertainment industry that she would like to exploit in addition to modeling.

Xenia:  I want to be a famous musician and my dream is to participate in a Eurovision song concert.

Andrew:  Xenia has always been a self-starter who possesses the entrepreneurial spirit of a modernist vanguard, so her goal after her illustrious modeling career is not a surprise!

Xenia:  I want to be successful businesswoman.


Andrew:  Xenia is a woman who truly is blessed with a lot of fortune and fame, but she never hesitates to redirect the attention she receives on other worthwhile causes that are dear to her heart.

Xenia:  I gave free music concerts in orphan houses, planted trees and I also cleaned streets by removing the rubbish.



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