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Vanessa Marie Goodmanson is a pulchritudinous Playboy model, who is like a charismatic chameleon with prepossessing, sultry looks that are as multifaceted as a diamond, which empowers her take on many stunning looks, elicit primal emotions from people and manifest a raw animal magnetism that many of her fans find, quite simply, irresistible.

Vanessa was born in Boise, aka the City of Trees, and the most populous city between Portland Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah, which sits over 2,000 feet above sea level in western Idaho, southwest of the prodigious foothills of the Rocky Mountains amidst panoramic flat plains, breathtaking scenery, abundant natural resources and year-round outdoor activities.  She later travelled 110 miles south across the Nevada border, and lived in the internationally-renowned major resort city, Las Vegas, amidst the fine dining, lavish shopping and high stakes gambling in those famous casino resorts, while enjoying the sunshine and the subtropical arid climate of the Mojave Desert.  She lived in the Midwestern United States too and now she resides in the third largest economic center on the planet and the "Entertainment Capital of the World", Los Angeles, California: the home base of Hollywood and the world leader in the creation of motion pictures, television production, video games and recorded music.  From west LA by the Pacific Ocean along the Santa Monica Mountains to Boyle Heights in east LA, and from down south in the San Pedro district to up north in Hollywood, she’s taking the modeling industry by storm and becoming as smoking hot, hot hot as the Pacific Rim of Fire.

What’s so remarkable about her marvelous journey thus far, higher and higher toward the modeling stratosphere, is that she’s doing it without the aid of an agency or direction of a manager or an agent in a famous city inundated with them.  She handles the business of her modeling career like an open-minded

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