Valora Kendra Roucek


Valora Kendra Roucek

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~ 

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Valora Kendra Roucek is a popular, prepossessing glamor model with a high-octane confidence, smoldering classic beauty and an infectious charisma, wit and charm.  She is both an American and German citizen, and was raised in a picturesque town called Hanau, which is imbued with rich 16th & 17th century Weser Renaissance & Baroque style architecture, from the German House of Goldsmiths and the Historic Spa of Wilhelmsbad to the Philippsruhe Palace, in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, in Hesse, Deutschland, about 25 km east of Frankfurt am Main.   

Hanau is the birth place of the internationally renowned brothers Grimm, who wrote many classic folk and fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Paunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty and many more, but in this small bustling town of approximately 90,000 ebullient people with a zest for life, Valora decided to write her own fairy tale of success, like a cunning linguists and master of German Folklore, prior to proactively bringing those fairy tale dreams to fruition.  She intimately knows that it’s not enough to merely think outside the box, because thinking is passive.  So instead she trained herself from a very early age to always act outside the box, because actions speak much louder than words and she is a doer, not a talker. 

Valora is all about changes, like the late Tupac Shakur.  In the Robert Moore sense of the word her psychological archetype or her unique style of dealing, behaving, and communicating in the world is like a queen asserting her power, taking charge of situations, delegating authority, while acting with benevolence, but she also possesses the mental toughness of a high-spirited warrior.  So when the time is apropos, she is like a soldier on her own who intuitively knows the way, while riding up the heights of no-return along a pathway of her own choosing; never waiting for the siren call and always ready for the fight to

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