Nikole Torres


Nikole Torres

in the Rogue Angels Column of

Rogue Magazine

Living Life in the Fab Lane

by Andrew L. Rudder ~

© 2011 Rogue Enterprises, Inc.


Andrew:  Nikole Torres is a very loyal, trustworthy, reliable and professional young model, who is loving and living life to the absolute fullest à la 'viva por el momento' in the Fab Lane.  She's not the girl your mother warned you about, because chances are her imagination wasn't quite that vivid to conjure up Nikole in her mind’s eye.  Rather, she's the kinda girl your mother never saw coming, because predictability is not a word within her vocabulary, but ‘fabulosity’ is, since she exemplifies the pure expression of glamour, style, elegance, grace, charisma and an inner-power fueled by a big, compassionate heart brimming with love.  Her scintillating, exotic prepossessing pulchritude comes from her mixed nationality. 

Nikole:  My mother is Spanish and my father is Scottish.

Andrew:  Whenever Nikole has a goal in sight, her focus and readiness is like a taught bow string.  Her resolved, resolute decision to pursue what she vehemently desires in the only moment that exists, now, is like the release of a speedy trigger finger on the taught string of her stretched bow.  Once she goes after what she wants in life like poignant poetry in exquisite motion, with a no-turning back, no-doubt, no-retreat, no-surrender pro-active attitude, she is like the released arrow moving with an unwavering, incredible velocity toward her target, never moving astray or veering off course, but rather moving straight with an unequivocal purpose through all of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles impeding her way like a blowtorch through butter, until she finally hits the mark of her target dead on.

Nikole:  I’m definitely a woman warrior, or as I say, a super trooper.  I don’t let anything get in my way and I will battle on to the bitter end. 

Andrew:  One

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