Julia Perlin


Julia Perlin

in the Rogue Angels Column of

Rogue Magazine

by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca

Photography by Andrey Kulpin

© 2012 Rogue Enterprises, Inc.


The photographs of the beautiful Julia Perlin were taken in: the Fransesco Sibio (http://www.sibio.ee/uus/en/), which is an elegantly refined Italian Restaurant; and the Clazz (http://www.clazz.ee/), which is an awesome club that offers great music, food and people with a positive vibe. Many thanks to the owners of Fransesco Sibio and the Clazz Club for allowing the talented photographer Andrey Kulpin to use their venues as the elegant backdrop for Julia Perlin's photoshoot.


Andrew:  Born and raised in the beautiful and historical city of Tallinn on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland in north-western Estonia that lies on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by a breathtaking coastline marked by numerous bays, straits, and inlets, and within close proximity to thousands of islands and islets such as Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, Julia Perlin is a beautiful, smart and ambitious woman imbued with entrepreneurial ingenuity and a business acumen, who through modeling has discovered her palpitating passion for the fashion industry in general and fashion design in particular, where she now continues to expand her awe-inspiring clothing brand called “JP”.

Julia:  I was born and raised in the one of three Baltic countries in the capital of Estonia in Tallinn. I lived in many countries, but the only place for which I call home is Estonia.


Andrew:  Julia intimately knows that her imagination is her own fertile field for growing any seedlings that she chooses to plant for a future harvest in order to both influence and change the world around her and leave her indelible mark in the sands of time.  So where as most people have to first see something to believe it; as a pure proactive, positive-minded thinker, Julia is able to believe in it first, and then make it happen. So with this kind of positive attitude what is Julia’s philosophy in life?

Julia:  Life is short; eat dessert first!


Andrew:  Julia has made sure to eat her dessert first on occasion, but she also ensures that she attains the main course too of all of the goals in her life that she works diligently to bring forth to fruition, which has resulted in her creating some impressive highlights in her illustrious young modeling career thus far. 

Julia:  Every job as a model has very valuable experience for me. I cannot say that this is a success and this is not. It's like a puzzle, where only after collecting all of the pieces, you can see something

julia perlin
23.Evening gown photoshoot