Jennifer Nguyen


Jennifer Nguyen

in the Rogue Angels Column of 

Rogue Magazine

by Andrew L. Rudder ~ 

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Andrew:  Jennifer is a very talented professional model, go go dancer, make-up artist, bartender, aspiring actress, and a very creative person who likes cooking fine culinary cuisines, engaging in the art of fine sewing and drawing artistic masterpieces.  Like a true Scorpio she’s loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, playful, fun and dynamic.   She intimately knows that you don’t have to give up your daily evening glass of the finest red wine in the world for a few million dollars forty years from now, because she’d rather have that red wine right here and right now a la carpe diem.  She is a firm believer that life is an adventure and a huge climb.    

Jennifer’s family moved around a lot when she was growing up.  

Jennifer:  I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, but I didn’t stay there too long. 

Andrew:  Her family owned a restaurant in Prince Rupert, where she began working from an early age and learned early on in her life not only the value of earning a dollar, but also the essential skill of marketing herself accordingly to match the different social dynamics of her customers, complemented by an irresistibly cute, radiant smile to maximize her tips.  

Jennifer embodied an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age that radiated from her aura brightly like the Pacific Ring of Fire. 

Jennifer:  The one thing I always remember doing most as a kid is creating clubs and running it or setting up my cardboard box on the side of the street near my restaurant to sell things for a couple bucks, so I can go to the dollar store and get a toy [haha]! ... I was a little business girl always trying to make some money to get some ice cream or some arts and crafts at the dollar store.

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