Gabri Ela


Gabri Ela

in the Rogue Angels Column of

Rogue Magazine.

by Andrew L. Rudder ~

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Look from the Ţuţuiatu Peak in the Măcin Mountains in Dobruja, between the lower Danube river and the Black Sea: throughout the eastern border of Romania; past the Moldavia region imbued with beautiful landscapes amid the lowlands and rolling hills; past the 84 meter high Television Tower transformed into an elegant restaurant; past the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in Romania infused with hundreds of species of plants that mystically produce an oasis of tranquility for those longing for an escape from the stress of the city; past the Constanta Metropolitan area of the bustling Faleza Nord district imbued with warm ebullient people, who like to party like it’s St. Mary’s day and the Gulliver Festival mixed into one; and you won’t find a more beautiful, young lady than Gabri Ela, who is fluent in English, and the Neo-Latin romance languages, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and French.   

Gabri is a talented young model from Galati, which is in the historical region of Moldavia, the largest seaport on the left bank of the beautiful Danube and is located about 80 kilometers away from the Black Sea at the confluence of the Siret and Prut Rivers, near the massive freshwater Lake Brates and in close proximity to Brăila, in eastern Romania; shadowed by the prodigious Dobrogea Mountains, which are the oldest in the country.

Like Galati is a gateway to the northeast and southwest of Romania that mystically falls under the influence of continental air masses and the western air from the majestic Carpathians, Gabri’s growing popularity and promise as a young starlet in the modeling industry, is providing a gateway to Romania for talented European photographers, who are constantly looking for more fresh, aesthetically appealing faces and gifted, focused and driven models to work with in their noteworthy projects.

When Gabri was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a stewardess, because she fell in love with the pleasurable idea and intense feeling of being swept off of her feet, thousands

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