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Diem Thuyen

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca


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Andrew:  Diem Thuyen was born in southern Vietnam in Vung Tau with: both its romantic and hidden small beaches, and its extensive beaches of marvelous length imbued with impeccable, fine sands that run for miles and miles jutting out in the South China Sea, like Bai Truoc, Bai Sau and Bai Dau; its beautiful resorts and theme parks in green picturesque forests contrasted with exquisite sea landscapes; and its widely celebrated holidays and popular festivals, like Le hoi Cá Ông (Whale Holiday), and the Kite Festival and World Food Festival that mark the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. 

Diem moved to the southwestern United States in Arizona at the tender age of 5 and has lived in the Grand Canyon State eversince, where she is continually refining her craft with a palpitating passion and love for her work.   Diem’s trilogy of love is fashion, music and art.   Her desire to arrest the poetry of life through her artistic endeavors are always manifested in her creative expressions.  All of her rich memories from her adventurous journey through a life truly lived, dance together like the warp and the woof of a tantalizing tapestry to the beguiling music of her imagination, until she produces a tailor-made patchwork quilt in the form of a prepossessing photograph as both a chic model and a photographer with a keen eye for the aesthetic, or a melodious, kick-ass song as a musician.  So what is Diem’s philosophy/paradigm in life? 

Diem:  Narrow down what's the most to least important thing/people in your life. Then spend the "right" amount of time on each so the most important doesn't get neglected and the least important isn't your time tugging nazi. 


Andrew:  Diem is the kind of woman who never puts limits on what she could do in the fashion industry or anything else, because she intimately, intuitively knows that it’ll spread over the rest of her life and into her entire being.  Instead, she lives life boldly and out loud free of inhibitions, genuinely believing that there are no limits.  Whenever she reaches plateaus in her life, she battles beyond them with a no-retreat and no-surrender attitude; constantly exceeding her level.  This positive attitude has produced some incredible highlights in her illustrious modeling career thus far.

Diem:  The biggest highlight are the fashion photos that are developed.  It's the biggest highlight because those photos contribute to my growing portfolio which lands me all kinds of modeling work internationally. You can check out my port

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