Destiny Papalia


Destiny Papalia

in the Rogue Angels Column of

Rogue Magazine

by Andrew L. Rudder ~

© 2011 Rogue Enterprises, Inc. 


Andrew:  Born and raised at the nadir of the San Joaquin Valley in the city of Stockton, California with the hot Mediterranean climate imbued with thousands of miles of rivers that make up the California Delta, Destiny Papalia is a model and former PlayBoy Bunny.  She has an indomitable, fighting spirit and a positive, proactive attitude geared toward bringing her many big dreams to fruition with a no-turning back, no-retreat and no-surrender belief.

Destiny:  My philosophy in life is to manifest positivity.  Always push forward with a positive outlook on things no matter how tough or impossible obstacles in life may seem.  You have to believe in yourself and manifest it.

Andrew:  Most people have to see something to believe it; but as a pure, positive-minded go-getter who likes to both think and act outside of the proverbial box, Destiny has the uncanny ability to believe in it first and then make it happen, which has resulted in her creating many memorable highlights in her relatively young, illustrious modeling career thus far.

Destiny:  One of the highlights in my career was when I was published in Bizarre Magazine.  It is the biggest alternative magazine in the world.  I think by far though, the biggest highlight of my career thus far would definitely have to be when Playboy hired me and flew me to the other side of the world to be a Playboy Bunny.  It was surreal and quite a life changing experience.  How many 24 year olds out there can say they traveled to the other side of the world and lived in another country as a Playboy Bunny? 

Andrew:  Destiny is more than just a model with a prepossessing pulchritude as her talent is as multifaceted as a diamond of marvelous splendor, and one of her facets lit by the brilliance of Aegean stars is her thespian talents and palpitating passion for the theatre.

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