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Brittany Murata

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Andrew:  Born in Denver Colorado, raised all over the Midwestern United States, living in the north side of Chicago with plans of moving to Los Angeles, Brittany Murata is a beautiful, athletic creative-minded professional model and Midwestern girl at heart, who intimately knows that there are no limits, only plateaus, and that she must constantly strive to go beyond them; thereby constantly exceeding her level.

Brittany:  I was born in Denver, Colorado.  I lived there until I was 3 years old. I moved around a lot in the Midwest for my parents’ job transfers. I lived in a small town in Osceola, Wisconsin for a couple of years, where I really discovered my true tomboy characteristics. After that I lived in Rockford, Illinois for 4 years.  I finished High School there in 2006 (yep I’m old!) and met some awesome people there.  Now I live in Chicago on the north side, and I’m looking forward to moving to the Los Angeles area in California by next year.  So I guess you could say I was raised all over the Midwest <3!  I’m a Midwestern girl for life!


Andrew:  Most people these days have to see something with their own two eyes to believe it; but as a pure, proactive creative-minded professional, Brittany is able to believe in it first, and then make shit happen, which has resulted in her bringing to fruition some spectacular highlights in her illustrious young modeling career thus far.

Brittany:  Well I like to stay busy so to put it simply we'll just go over my most recent work!  For Android users ONLY! (Sorry iPhone) take a peak at my newly released SEXY ROCK PAPER SCISSORS FREE APP!  Only for droid users! It’s a new way to play RPS (rock paper scissors)! With a modern sexy twist to it! Cell phone apps are where it’s at! Just open your Play store by Google and search "Sexy rock rps".  The title will read Sexy Rock Paper Scissors free by Gregory Edwards, who is the man who made it all happen and it continues to grow! This is the first rough version, and there are more is in the works! So stay up to date with me! And thank you for checking out MY APP! Thanks Android users ? Feel free to give any feedback on my app! Much love everyone!

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