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Alexis Lee

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~

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Andrew:  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alexis Lee is a professional Playboy model who happens to be a great dancer and an animal lover.  Growing up in the Bar Area has its perks as she was always within close proximity to: the breathtaking Pacific Ocean coastline that has some of the most impeccable beaches with thousands of grains of sands that seem to outnumber the multitude of stars in clear night sky; the historic streetcars, iconic skyline, prodigious rolling hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the cultural refinement of San Francisco; the world renowned technology hub known as Silicon Valley in the South Bay area; and the region’s northern counties that’s full of hundreds of wineries and vineyards surrounding California’s famous Wine Country.

The highlight of her blossoming modeling career thus far is working for Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

Alexis:  I’ve been working for them since May of last year.

Andrew:  When I asked Alexis about what other aspects of the entertainment industry she would like to exploit in addition to modeling, she gave an unexpected response!

Alexis:  I’d love to do a reality show.

Andrew:  Alexis firmly believes that the sum of her actions at any given time in the present moment influences her fate in the future, so when I asked her what her philosophy in life is she replied without hesitation, “good karma”.

As much as Alexis is passionate about reaching the stratosphere within the entertainment industry, her goals after her illustrious modeling career are rooted in love and family before successfully traversing along her chosen career path with a passion that burns like the sun.

Alexis:  I hope to be happily married, have 2 kids and a successful career.

Rogue Angels Interview
By Andrew L. Rudder ~

Andrew:  No great journey toward our desired destination in life is accomplished solely by ourselves, so talk a bit about the people in your life who have and continue to support you throughout your blossoming young career as a model, and as you continue to make your indelible footprints on the sands of time.

Alexis: There are so many people that have encouraged me and supported me throughout this journey. I would like to thank my mother, my boyfriend and my friend Jen. Without them, I would not be where I am now. My mother has been my anchor, keeping me grounded and always reminding me of my home and heritage. My boyfriend has been my rock and the one person that has made me strong. My friend Jen has been there and supported me through all my endeavors and been by

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