Interview with The House of David Gang's band member Snappy Homefry

Posted by tanyab

By: Tanya B

Hot fun in the winter time...with one of Toronto's Roots Reggae Collective's called, House of David Gang. This band has been keeping the heart & soul of Jamaican roots reggae music alive in our city & while getting ready to conquer the rest of the country. I had the chance to speak with a member of the collective.

1. Tell me abit about yourself?

My name is Snappy Homefry and I am a Pisces.
A Music Producer/Audio Engineer, Composer, Multi instrumentalist and owner operator of Playhouse Studio in downtown Toronto.
I also play bass in Toronto's Best Reggae band the House of David Gang.

 2. What does "Reggae" music mean to you?

To me, Reggae music is a folk music. Music that tells a story from the perspective of the people. An expression that is deeply rooted in a vibe that is both spiritual and uplifting.

 3. What makes a "live" show special?

When the performer(s) and the audience are in sync with each other.
When everyone is brought in alinement by the beat creating a harmonious frequency.

 4. How did you get involved with the band?

I was asked to produce the song Toronto Ontario for House of David Gang and during the
recording process the previous bass player left. So it was an easy fit because bass is my first instrument and
I really wanted to work with the band.

 6. You are also a member of the band "High plains drifter" are
 you able to juggle both bands?

I feel anyone who is around Jay Cleary at the right time could find themselves in High Plains Drifter. Jay has a way of gently convincing someone that could be needed to perform with the band. A kind of hijack.
Its not a mater of juggling, it more about being prepared to whatever surprises Jay the Drifter has up his sleeve.

7.Are you working on a full length album?

Indeed we are!!! We're about half way done and I am very excited about it!
Feel like its some of my best work. Can hardly wait to show the world!

8. Whats next for the band??

Finishing the album and winning a Juno for 2012!!!!