Afrodyete from the musical LA group Breakestra interview by Tanya Bailey Nov 22/2011

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Q & A with Afrodyete from Breakestra by: Tanya Bailey    Nov 22/11

We want the funk....gotta have that Lead soul singer Afrodyete has been winning over funk fans at stage shows with her funky ...St. Louis heart & soul on a California vibe....for more than a minute with the help of her band mates Breakestra. I recently had the pleasure to chat with her after event at The Phoneix Saturday Nov 19th 2011.

1. Is there a "Spiritual" connection to " Funk" & "Jazz"??

Ohh yes in deed. If your not touching into that..then your not getting the heart of the people.

2. How did music enter your world?

It comes naturally. I come from a family of musicians. I used to watch my mom play in church.

3.Your originally from St.Louis Missouri...How was life for you growing up?

I was born in the "Gateway to the West"(The saying of the area).My first experience was going to church with my mom & dad and listening to the Motown sound.

4. Are you enjoying your time in Canada?

It has been very good. I have been here three times now.

5. How is your experience performing with Breakestra been?

I really enjoy it. They are an incredible group of musicians. This experience i have on the road...performing...i used to dream about it.

6.What does giving back to your community mean to you?

Everything. I have always had a dream of helping my community & uplifting the people. Sadly, the crime & murder rate in St.Louis is the highest in the country. Mainy because people are economically frustrated and need options & hope out of this vicious cycle.

7.What's next for you?

Musically, I'm on six different albums right now & i'm looking forward to be on a thousand more(laugh). I have noticed that a need for heart and soul in music is lacking & the crowds are craving for what im dishing out to the masses.

8. What musical artists would you like to cover right now?

There are so many..especially my boy chuck boogie. I want to cover Marvin Gaye's I want you. I really listen to alot of Marvin Gaye. I love the way he composed songs. So beautiful.

9. When is your album coming out?

I'm praying, hopefully by next year.