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In 2004, guitarist Terry Anderson moved back to Campbell River and approached his old high school friend (and drummer from a previous project) Jason Brown and suggested putting another band together. It would be a heavy metal band, influenced by many of the acts the two friends mutually enjoyed, and they would write and perform new material and some covers. The pair solicited the help of their friend Jess Garner to play bass, as they had collaborated with him in a previous project as well. This time, Terry decided he would eschew vocal duties, preferring instead to focus solely on his guitar playing, and Terry believed he had the perfect candidate for a vocalist. This vocalist was his long-time friend Bryan Baker who, though keen to sing in Terry's band, lived 45 km away in Courtenay. The group decided to make it work, and named themselves Blacklist.

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"The Swamps" by Tribune



The first half of 2004 was spent in writing new material and learning covers, with Baker travelling to and from Campbell River on weekends to practice with the band. Soon it was decided that this wasn't a sufficient amount of practice, and so Baker moved into the band house in CR and the group began to write songs in earnest. They soon put together enough songs for a full-length and began recording, although by this time their friend Garner had left the band to pursue other interests. A replacement was needed, but the trio didn't want a hired gun with no sense of loyalty toward the group. Brown ended up asking a friend of group Ryan O'shea, who was extremely enthusiastic toward the idea, and who began learning the songs.


The group moved into a house in Courtenay in 2005 and continued to practice and play shows, but they soon noticed other acts bearing the same or similar names, and the band decided to change their name to Tribune. They released their full-length (Home Sweet Hell) under this name and began writing new songs (which ended up much later becoming the nucleus of the album Elder Lore/The Dark Arts). The group soon decided that Courtenay was only a stepping stone for them, and in 2006 they moved to Vancouver.


The house the band moved into was one found for them by Baker's brother and his friend Shawn Culley, who was also a guitar player and metalhead. After 4 months of living together and jamming, Culley joined the band, and Tribune's songwriting took on added depth with the harmonic possibilities of a second guitar added to the mix. The group bought a van, and in 2007 went on their first tour, and were hooked. Writing music, practicing, playing shows, and touring became their lives, and 2009 saw them release a slick sounding 3-song EP entitled Rotting Core, their first album to feature all the members writing and playing their own parts.


Now, in 2012, Tribune has released their third album, Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, and the group is preparing to take this album on the road on their first tour of the United States. Things are happening at an increasing pace for the band, however, and they have already begun writing their next album, which they hope