The Strip

Posted by Christopher Rudder


The Strip

Written by Christopher Rudder

When I got a CD in the mail from this band called The Strip, I was thinking it was a band from California, only to find out their fro my city, Toronto. It’s always good to hear from other bands doing their thing in Toronto. Then I read their bio and found out that they were playing inside on of Toronto’s subway stations.I stsrted to wonder if I ever ran into them.
I love the saxophone and I love how they incorperate the saxophone in their music. It reminded me sounds you might hear in a band like the Dave Mathews Band. Some of their songs make me feel like skipping through a corn feild, good times, drinking and stomping around the living room, poorly imatating some Irish dance. Since I live in the city running up and down the streets might to go over so well but drinking might...


Check out “On The Doctor” from the album “Stick To Your Guns” by The Strip


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After 5 years just below the radar Toronto’s jaunty, moonlit gypsy-folk, alt-country rockers, The Strip, have followed the advice of their aptly titled debut album, Stick To Your Guns, and are attracting the attention their eckectic music so richly deserves. Ofering up the rarely paired Alto Saxophone and 5-String Banjo woven together by resonant acoustic guitar, groove-oriented bass, driving percussion, and stunning 3-part harmonies, The Strip slides from lamps-down-low ballads to high energy romps delivered with a Pentecostal fervour.

The quartet first made a name for themselves honing their craft at the Canadian National Exhibition for the illusive ‘TTC Busking Permit’. Kevin Robinson and Darrin Davis subsequently spent the next year honing their craft underground every day in the théâtre-réalité of the Toronto Subway system. Their sound caught the favour of everyone from stroller-strapped 2 year olds to octogenarian hipsters; from friendly subterranean-dwelling derelicts to Bay-street financiers.

Let’s get behind the scenes...

CR: I wanna thank you for
taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?

Darrin Davis (Lead Vocalist, Saxophonist, Banjo Player, Rhythm Guitarist and Lyricist for The Strip): Great, thanks, Chris. Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re pumped.

CR:...iiight lets do this!!!
Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you
that your fans don’t know.

Darrin Davis: Kevy (Darrin Davis’s Guitarist) and myself met at York University, where we lived just down the hall from each other.  We were drinking buddies for years before we ever jammed together. He introduced me to his long-time close friends Matt, our drummer, and Jed Corbeil, our former bassist.  We all moved up to Bracebridge, Ontario and started the band.

CR: As an artist, the musical journey is a long (trust me I know) and can not be done by oneself. Who are some of the people in your life who have supported you and continue to support you through you musical career.

Darrin Davis:
We’ve been lucky to have some very loyal supporters along the way. Kevin’s parents let me