Posted by Christopher Rudder

SoJay's Soul  by: Christopher Rudder


I've told this story to many people. Before PulpMag became RogueMag I attended an event for a talented artist we featured named Lori Nuic. SoJay was opening for the show and it was that day I realized there was something special about her voice and how it flowed with the guitar. Right after her set I approached her and asked her if she wanted to be featured in Hearing Aid. Since she had no album at the time I wrote a little review telling people to be on the look out. Later on we threw our first PulpParty and I selected her with her guitarist Roger as one of the acts. The chemistry between the two was un-matchable. She rocked it as I predicted and the people who came out rated her one of the best acts. This was back in 2006 and over the years we've grown to be very close friends. It's one of the perks of writing one of the most sought after columns for indy artists.   I've got to work with her on the theme song of my band aLLeYNe & tEMuS. WOW. This leads to a future project's top secret, stay tuned!!! LOL. Her voice reminds me of an untamed, raw version of Nora Jones...before she went pop. Her voice has a raspy edge, clearly soulful, smooth like the calm before the storm yet powerful like the storm when it arrives. Your always left blown away!!! Ok that last line was cheesy... If her voice doesn't captivate you her song writing will. She's deep, no fluff, real and from the heart. The way music is supposed to be. I look at her like the sister I never is this feature a conflict of interest...absolutely!!!    Ok so the the question is...How does a talented artist set herself apart and break the cookie-cutter mold often associated with today’s R&B music?  


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Well...Toronto based singer/songwriter SoJay has the answer. SoJay gives lovers of the genre the authenticity they crave, with a twist; beautifully blending Neo-soul, jazz, reggae and pop rock with her smooth seductive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics that move the soul.    A native of Ottawa, SoJay cites Prince, Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott as her influences. She developed a love for music and singing at an early age and soon joined her school choir. Participating in many competitions, her choir was chosen to perform on Parliament Hill during a Canada Day celebration where she had the opportunity to meet David Foster and Salome Bey. As a freshman of Canterbury High School, SoJay thrived in their Arts Music Program. However, her musical journey almost ended after her family moved to Toronto when she was 15 and she struggled to adjust to the new city.    While she continued her studies, music still had her heart. During her college years she volunteered for Phem Phat Productions, producers of the all female talent showcase Honey Jam. This experience changed SoJay’s life by introducing her to the Toronto music scene and would be the first of many career defining moments.  As a songwriter, SoJay has worked with Trey Anthony among others. As a singer, she has shared the stage with some of the most talented artists in the industry, including: Saidah Baba Talibah, Natasha Waterman, Divine Brown, Ray Robinson and Toya Alexis.  You may have also seen her moving the crowd alongside Toronto soul hop artist a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL. She is featured in his song “Music” from his CD TRAINATHOUGHT and recently performed with him when he opened for R&B/soul artist Eric Roberson as part of the 2010 Urban Music Festival.  In addition to her singing and songwriting, SoJay is also a talented voiceover artist and actress having done work in radio ads, TV commercials,