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Posted by Christopher Rudder

What's better than having one talented artist? Having a whole family of talented artists. Borderline PG Rated, under-rated, rejuvinated and Self Animated. Don't let the cute face twin faces fool you, their pretty hard and far from adorable. Their musical style and even their voices remind me somewhat of Lisa Loeb and Venessa Carlton working on a duet album with the haunting ghost of Courtney Love providing ad-libs. Two triplet sisters form the core of Self Animation. Born into a musical family, Molly and Kara Delonas have been harmonizing together all their lives. Now seventeen , they are active musicians both in Self Animation and in the respected music program at Randolph High School, which the NAMM foundation has named as one of the TOP 100 SCHOOLS FOR MUSIC EDUCATION in the nation. The girls’ father, Nick, is a progressive-hard-rock guitarist and composer who enjoys working with his children on musical projects.  While their older sister has gone on to pursue a career in music education, and their triplet brother is off chasing his own muse,  Molly and Kara remain focused on writing, performing and recording as Self Animation.   The project and band began when the girls recorded the cover song Cinderella back in 2005, transforming the Play and Cheetah Girls hit from a tween-girl, bubblegum song into a hard-rock-feminist anthem.  Their original Sad Star, a funky electronica tune about a successful but melancholy pop star, soon followed, and it became apparent they were onto something good.  Soon some of Nick’s musician colleagues were lending their time and talents to the girls’ project. 

And the general consensus was: These girls can sing!

Listen to: "All Along" by Self Animation

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CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?

Self Animation: (Nick) We are great!

CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.

Self Animation: (Molly) I'm obsessed with weather and I want to be a storm chaser.

CR: As an artist, the musical journey is a long (trust me I know) and cannot be done by oneself. Who are some of the people in your life who have supported you and continue to support you through you musical career.
Self Animation: (Molly) Our mom and dad were very supportive. Dad helped us put together the CD, and our mom gave us lots of encouragement.
(Kara)  They are where we got our creativity and they appreciate our music more than anyone else.

CR: So...At what point in your life did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career and realize that you had what it takes to succeed in the messed up industry.

Self Animation: (Kara)  I’ve been interested in music my entire life and haven’t found anything that came easier to me.

CR: Who are the musical legends that influenced you growing up, and/or affected your musical career and who are the unsigned artists you respect and love.

Self Animation:  (Kara) I respect the Beatles most of all.  As for unsigned artists, there are a lot of good bands in my school that I love to listen to.(Nick) David Bowie, early Genesis, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn were big influences on me.  As for unsigned bands, I'd have to say guitar virtuoso Charlie Jones was my biggest influence.  That's somebody you've got to see live to appreciate fully.  He's incredible.

CR: Talk about the musical environment that you consciously chose to immerse yourself in that helped foster the development of your fundamental musical skills such as the self-examination of your strengths and individuality, creating improvisational music, and writing/performance techniques; shaping your musical competence and helping you discover your unique voice that your fans are blessed with in your musical creations.

Self Animation: (Kara) Listening to my Dad play with his band really inspired me.  Also joining the Jazz program in school helped me learn different styles of music, which helped with composition.

CR: With the emergence of Online Independent Music Labels such as iTunes that can market/promote music primarily through the internet medium via the assistance of the burgeoning online communication networks such as, do you think that the major record labels in the world will eventually cease to be the gatekeepers to musicians seeking lucrative sales and worldwide acclaim.

Self Animation: (Molly) Record labels will always be important to musicians. The internet has made some people very famous, but once they get signed, their careers take off.  (Nick) Yeah, but you have to be cautious with the major labels.  They are notoriously unethical as is the RIAA in my opinion. You need a good lawyer BEFORE signing anything.  Besides, there's nothing wrong with staying independent.  Lots of people have done very well as Indie artists and that route certainly gives you the most freedom.

CR: I’m gonna say a few words.  Tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Let's start with your name, Self Animation.
Self Animation: (Kara)  Independence, (Molly) Animate your self!

CR: Change.

Self Animation: (Kara)  Experiences.

CR: Journey.

Self Animation: (Kara)  High School.

CR: Life.

Self Animation: (Kara)  A challenge.

CR: Favourite word.

Self Animation: (Kara) Fun.

CR: Least favourite word.

Self Animation: (Kara) Homework.

CR: Favourite word to cuss with.

Self Animation: (Kara)  I don’t have one. (Molly) Well, I like all of them.

CR: If I stole your iPod or MP3 player, aside from all of PulpMag’s podcasts, what else would I find?

Self Animation: (Kara)  Absolutely everything.  I listen to all different kinds of music.

CR: For all of our readers who will hear some of your songs, read the interview and become instant fans; tell them where they can learn more about you, your music, any upcoming projects, events or albums. Tell everyone your website addresses?

Self Animation: (Nick) The best place for up-to-date news and information is on our web site,  From there you can link to us on Facebook and elsewhere.  You can also get onto our mailing list.  We promise we won't spam you.  In fact, we haven't sent out any emails yet.  But if something important enough comes up, we'll be sure to let everyone know.  Otherwise, we post everyday news on the web site.

CR: Cool.  On behalf of the RogueMag Familia, I wanna personally thank you for taking time out to chit-chat with me. Keep on pushing and we will work together again!!!

Self Animation: (Nick) Thank you Christopher.  It was our pleasure.