Pushing Red Buttons

Posted by Christopher Rudder



Pushing Red Buttons

Written by Christopher Rudder

Friends, fans and followers of RogueMag’s Hearing Aid. First off I must apologize for not writing for awhile. We are going through some changes with RogueMag, switching it to Rogue Mag. I thought it would of happened a bit sooner but we are still working out technical stuff behind the scenes...So I figured since I’m still getting CD’s from talented artists I might as well keep Hearing Aid going (it will be moved to a column in Rogue Mag soon)

All right lets get to our Artist for August...Pushing Red Buttons.

When I first put their CD on I was blasted with music that reminded me of the 80’s with a 2009 twist. Memorable melodies, real rock rifts complete with electric guitar solos and meaningful lyric’s and vocals, sounding a bit like the Beatles. What I think people loved about music from the Eighties was that with every song would trigger a memory. Plus people can not only relate but the chorus and hooks were easy to remember, catchy and you would always sing along. Their should be a caution on the CD cover: “Pushing Red Buttons Triggers Memories.” Push a button and your transported to a different time and/or place...


Artist: Pushing Red Buttons 
Album: “The Butterfly Net”
Song: “Disguise”


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Pushing Red Buttons was formed in New York City during the spring of 2001 by Keyboardist, Steve Herrig and was originally comprised of musicians from New York City and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The original lineup was: Steve Herrig (keyboards/vocals), Melvin Johnson (guitar/vocals), John Hartley (bass/vocals), Dana Bailey (keyboards/harmonica/vocals) and Bill Bailey (drums/vocals). Their first CD titled, "Down", was released in August 2002. It was praised for it's eclectic style ("Their odd-ball, toe-tapping pop tunes are appealing and imaginative...though it may sound strange on paper, this is actually a charming and inspired album" - The Big Takeover Magazine).

In May of 2003 a second (self-titled) CD "Pushing Red Buttons" was released. By this time a core version of the band was created using musicians from the NYC band, PSYCH - with Rich Gaglia (guitar/vocals), Rich Chapple (bass/vocals), John DiGiulio (drums/percussion) joining Herrig (keyboards/vocals).

“Foreign Film of Tango Dance ?" was released May 2004 to more positive reviews ("PRB seem to be using entertainment to politicize rather than the other way around. The further you get into this one, the more you notice that they're seditious little buggers" - Unpeeled U.K. "This is some of the best Pop Music I’ve heard in awhile.

They’ve got more hooks than your Grandpa’s tackle box and the chops to pull them off" - Ear Candy).
On November 26, 2008 Pushing Red Buttons released their fourth CD “The Butterfly Net”

CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?
PRB (Keyboardist) Steve Herrig: We’re fine – and we want to thank you, Chris, and RogueMag for asking us to be in your cool magazine.

CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music