October Sky

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October Sky

Written by Christopher Rudder


My friend and music public relations guru Jon Asher from Asher Media Relations invited my brother Mark Anthony and myself out to T.I.M.A. (Toronto Independent Music Awards) this August mainly to interview and hang out with my girl Empire Isis (currently on his roster and our last month feature) Little did I know he’d be introducing me to his next big thing...October Sky, a bunch of down to earth cool guys, from our sister city Montreal. We decided I would feature them in October (no pun intended or maybe it was) It wasn’t until I saw them perform live at Toronto’s Rivoli for their CD release party, that I was completely blown away. Their music is simply captivating and I could say even reminding me of U2. The show, lighting and sound absolutely spectacular!!! It was impossible for me to even get a live interview with them as other less important media people pounced on them like lions on zebras...
here’s why...

Check Out "Hit The Ground "


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October Sky is a rock band originating from Montreal that was founded in 2000 by Alexandre Racine and Karl Raymond. They started out by making a name for themselves in their local area by playing in a number of bars and schools, mostly in their hometown. Today, October Sky also consists of Andrew Walker and Yanik Rouleau, and are more professional than ever before, although it took several years to become so.

In 2005, October Sky won their first contest, "Exposure," presented at Club Soda in Montreal. In the summer of that same year, they took home their second contest, organized by les Studios Sixième Sens, finishing first of 85 bands.

Following the contest, October Sky had the opportunity to cross paths with La Shop Musicale, a company that took them under their wing, allowing them to produce their first professional recording. During this time, the band also had the chance to work with TAXI agency in designing the concept of all visual material related to the band, namely the band's logo, and the concept for the MySpace web site and the EP's cover design.

The band members spent a good part of 2006 in studio and released their EP demo album September 23 at College St-Maurice auditorium in Saint-Hyacinthe for a crowd of more than 500 people. Performing their first professional and self produced concert, the band was able to awe their spectators and prove to them that they had reached a new level in their career. The October Sky name was meanwhile promoted, being featured on the cover page of the "Les Versants" newspaper of Saint-Bruno, and also appeared in "L'Oeil Régional," the local newspaper of Beloeil, and in "Le Courrier" of Saint-Hyacinthe.

Furthermore, October Sky's music has been broadcasted on several radio stations across Canada, such as HITS FM, CIUT FM and CFBX FM (located in Montreal, Toronto, and Kamlooops, BC, respectively), and the group was ranked in the "Top Charts" of the two latter. They were also listed as number one on Mohawk-radio.com, an online radio website, for independent artists.

October Sky is now backed by