Posted by Christopher Rudder

CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and Rogue Magazine’s Hearing Aid . How Are You?


NYCE: I’ll answer how I’m doing according to how the day goes.


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CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.


NYCE: I love to have fun, but I’m also a hard worker. I make hustling music, I’m no gangsta. I’m the poster boy for 514INK they been open for 4 years and that’s how long I’ve been getting tatted up. I’m a father of 6; 4 girls 2 boys..


CR: As an artist, the musical journey is a long (trust me I know) and cannot be done by oneself. Who are some of the people in your life who have supported you and continue to support you through you musical career.


NYCE: Friends and family, but my friends had a lot to do with it. The more they heard my music, the more they tell me to keep doing it cause they’re liking it, I love making music, when I’m in the studio its like I’m in a different world and I don’t want to leave it. I give huge thanks to Hustle Cartel for giving me the opportunity and putting in time in believing me and  my music, they’ve helped me a lot with my improvements and encouraged me that if I keep doing what I’m doing, that I will get what I want out of this, and that is to be heard. And last but not least my management Solid Ground Ent. I love my team!


CR: So...At what point in your life did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career and realize that you had what it takes to succeed in the messed up industry.


NYCE: About a year ago and I’m still learning. It never stops.


CR: What experience do you value more and in turn get more personal satisfaction from as an artist: The creative process of making a song from the thoughts, inspirations and feelings to the writing, producing and/or recording of that song OR performing the the finished track at one of your live shows and feeling/ seeing the crowds positive reaction and love for your musical genius.


NYCE: The creative process of making a song from the thoughts, I love recording.


CR: Aside from me (hahaha)