Holly Dish

Posted by Christopher Rudder



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The story begins but never ends. HollyDish, born Holly Israella Fagan, always loved to write. A natural lyricist, her poetry was published in local newspapers at the age of 8. But like so many of us, did not find her true passion till later in life. Music and lyrics created HOllyDish. Where passion transformed into lifestyle is the moment Dish realized music could and would be her daily existance. This moment happened when Dish decided to stay in Maui, HI after being invited to be a part of a well known band out there. After paying her dues for a couple of months, HollyDish had a little following and was actually getting paid for her art and stage performance. But is was truly the energy on stage amongst the 5 piece band and other vocalists where Dish realized what she was meant to be. On Holly's return to her home town Montreal, Canada in Oct 2006 she had a mission to record her first album. This mission had its twists and turns but has now realized itself in the completion of 2 albums and a music video for her single, 'Panic Now'. HOllyDish's first release is called 'Dishology' a full length album produced by singer/songwriter/producer Voyce* in Montreal over the past year(2009) due for release this X-mas. You could call it pop, hip hop whatever you want to call it, its an enticing mix of real emceeing and catchy melodic hooks to keep you mind moving and your ass shaking. The other release is out of Germany with 'Holly and the WHAT' a more musical/poetic Holly experience with all live instumentation.(www.myspace.com/hollyandthewhat) Timeless Dish with a euro feeland calm soothing lyrical content. Release date to be announced. But right now its 'Panic Now' and HollyDish is off to Cannes, France for MIDEM, the international music conference, this January to shop 'Dishology' for distribution and network with artists and labels from around the globe.

CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?

Holly Dish: i'm excellent thank you for asking!


CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.

Holly Dish: I really owe my entire "hip hop artist" career and lyricism to snowboarding because I took long drives to Whistler every weekend when I was at UBC back in 2004 and while I was all by myself on those loney, beautiful, inspiring drives I would freestyle to MOB Deep, Nas and Outcast instrumentals...so see what i mean...


CR: What experience do you value more and in turn get more personal satisfaction from as an artist: The creative process of making a song from the thoughts, inspirations and and feelings to the writing, producing and/or recording of that song OR performing the the finished track at one of your live shows and feeling/seeing the crowds positive reaction and love for your musical genius.

Holly Dish: Both have their incredible highs, thats a really hard question to answer. Nothing is more satisfying than creating and marvelling at the finished product. The best is when you cant even believe you wrote the perfect words on the page. Then to refine that perfection to something even more incredible, and  when it couldn't possibly get better bringing that composition to life with melody, music, ryhthm other artistic input while recording. Capturing that creative moment is precious. Performing is an easy high, I can get it by simply grabbing a mic no matter where or how difficult and dont get me wrong I need that in my life. Crowds and fans can be fickle, sound can suck, mics can break. I cant help but write and record music, I will always need to do that, so I value it most I guess. But performing is a close second!

CR: Aside from me (hahaha) who are some indy musicians you would love to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with.

Holly Dish: I'd like to work with SoCalled cause he's cool fuckin smart and he met my mom and was really sweet to her, a Montreal band Red October, an amazing South African MC Tumi and his band The Volume...I dunno Beast...but I guess they aren't really indy anymore. I am not mentioning the indies I currently do colabos with cuz they are mostly on my albums or produced them. And you of course!!

CR: Talk about the musical environment that you consciously chose to immerse yourself in that helped foster the development of your fundamental musical skills such as the self-examination of your strengths and individuality, creating improvisational music, and writing/performance techniques; shaping your musical competence and helping you discover your unique voice that your fans are blessed with in your musical creations.

Holly Dish: I chose to stay in Hawaii on a vacation because I was asked to join a band. This forced me into 100s of musical situations, genres, venues I had never experienced before. From rapping over "we are family" at weddings to doing club nights where the white boys I was playing with would get beat up at the end of the night if they didnt play reggae. I had to do it all, sing, rap, freestyle, entertain. I had to make sure my emceeing didnt not offend the racist texan tourists at happy hour, I had to make everyone love me. This helped me discover my strengths, weaknesses and how to be on stage and communicate with a live band. I owe it all to this time in my life.

CR: For all of our readers who will hear some of your songs, read the interview and become instant fans; tell them where they can learn more about you, your music, any upcoming projects, events or albums. Tell everyone your website addresses?

Holly Dish: That's an easy one  www.hollydish.com


CR: Cool, on behalf of the RogueMag Familia I wanna personally thank you for taking the time out to chit-chat with me. Keep on pushing and we will work together again!!!

Holly Dish: The chit-chat is my pleasure, only the best for RogueMag and I look forward to our next rendez-vous!