Gerald Krampl

Posted by Christopher Rudder


The music of Gerald Krampl sounds like the soundtrack to an abstract movie like “Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind” It’s emotionally driven and passionate. Scenes from an old black and white film, inspiring and uplifting. The music tells stories without the need for words or lyrics. 



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Gerald Krampl was born 1954 in Vienna/Austria. After being trained in classical piano and music theory, he started his musical career as a  composer, pianist and keyboarder in the early 70’s by founding the well known pro-rock band KYRIE ELEISON. Concerts all over the country followed, and one self produced LP The Fountain Beyond.The Sunrise (1976) was the final result. After the split in 1979 he built up his own recording studio, produced various artist of all genres, until in 1981 he also formed again a new own band project named INDIGO, in a bit more commercial pro-rock style. For marketing the many recordings that were now produced, the own company and label IndigoMusic were also founded in those days. One LP, many singles and 3 CDs of INDIGO were internationally released, as well as many side projects in a broad variety of styles. 


After a break 1993 from the music business followed a new start in 1999 with his AGNUS DEI Project for Music & Poetry together with his wife and poet Hilde, settled in the New Age / Therapeutic Music genre. After her unexpected death in 2002, 4 regular albums Lemuria (2002), Merlyn (2002), Angelos (2003) Gaia (2004) plus 2 Reiki Music compilations (2005) were partly posthumously released, on his therefore new Sandrose label. Successfully distributed by partners in EU, USA and CAN, they were highly acclaimed and also reached top positions in the US New Age Radio Charts.  


Since 2006 Gerald works now as a solo artist in a neo-classical / ambient electronic style, producing and writing music for various projects. So the soundtrack music for films and web presentations (, 31Projects ñ the TV Documentary, 7Minuten.atÖ), accompanying music for a German spoken fairy tales album ñ ìEs war einmalÖî (2008), branded ìgive awayî CDs for companies, and of course also the music for his frequently released solo albums - 31ProjectsñThe Music (expanded soundtrack, 2007), Timediver (2008), Innocent Wasteland (2009), and the recently released new album Lighthouse (2010). 


CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?


Gerald Krampl: I have to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell your readers a bit more about me and my thoughts and insights. I feel fine at the moment, my last album "Lighthouse" develops very well, besides I am remastering my old archive master tapes of my former bands Kyrie Eleison and Indigo, which is an absolutely amazing time trip. These recordings are planned to be digitally released within the next months, and of course I am constantly composing new songs which should lead to a next neo-classical solo album in 2012 (maybe this time with a real string