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Dyniss (rhymes with “slyness”) wants to make people think about nature and the human condition through his songs.  Song topics range from ants to zombies, with some love songs thrown in for good measure. The music blends melodic modern “easy rock” with a quirky singer-songwriter’s touch.  While performing live, Dyniss will synchronize still images related to the topic of each song against the music and lyrics.

Professional accomplishments include penning the official Y2K song for the Green Party of Canada, recording one thousand personalized Christmas songs and releasing three original albums.  He is educated but swears a lot.  He has strong beliefs but promotes tolerance.  He is a lover of nature but lives close to concrete.  

He is Dyniss: The Man of Song.

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"I Am Running" by: Dyniss

CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and Rogue Magazine’s Hearing Aid. How Are You? 
Dyniss:  I’m doing great!  I always feel fortunate to be alive and healthy.
CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.
Dyniss:  My fans don’t know that I think about crazy things like writing a song about nuclear bombs in case the earth ever goes through nuclear bombing somewhere.
CR: What experience do you value more and in turn get more personal
satisfaction from as a Dyniss: The creative process of making a song from
the thoughts, inspirations and and feelings to the writing, producing
and/or recording of that song OR performing the the finished track at one
of your live shows and feeling/ seeing the crowds positive reaction and
love for your musical genius.
Dyniss:  Goodness gracious, it’s all good.  It’s like preparing and
then consuming a delicious meal with different flavors.  It’s sometimes
difficult to say that one flavor is “better” than the other.  All the
flavors contribute to the full experience.  I have often caught myself
saying, “I love to create” -- so you could argue that the raw creative
part of making a song from scratch is particularly rewarding.
CR: Talk about the musical environment that you consciously chose to
immerse yourself in that helped foster the development of your fundamental
musical skills such as the self-examination of your strengths and
individuality, creating improvisational music, and writing/performance
techniques; shaping your musical competence and helping you discover your
unique voice that your fans are blessed with in your musical creations.
Dyniss:  I have always had a natural attraction to music.  I remember in
grades 7 & 8 a music teacher who would visit our school and do rhythmic
patterns with us through clapping which was simple but very enjoyable.
Around the same time I started learning guitar, then went to high school
and learned double-bass (orchestral bass).  I played drums for many years
independently and I was in various bands as a drummer.  I eventually got
into recording and production and made my living doing that intensely for
around a decade.  That period had to be the most immersive because I got to
work with dozens of musicians on very creative levels every day.  I worked
with amateurs to professionals, from the songwriting to the mastering.  All
this gave me the ability to write and create my own tunes from zero to
high-quality production.  Moving from drummer to frontman in a live format
has been the biggest transition, where I strive for constant improvement
CR: With the emergence of Online Independent Music Labels such as
iTunes that can market/promote music primarily through the internet medium
via the assistance of the burgeoning online communication networks such as myspace, do you think that the major record labels in the
world will eventually cease to be the gatekeepers to musicians seeking
lucrative sales and worldwide acclaim?
Dyniss:  I actually try to answer this question regularly through reading
online forums and music publications.  The one theme that resonates most
with me is the one which says that the major record labels will always have
a place in the music business, since they have networks and processes in
place which some people would want to take advantage of.  Still, I believe
an indie musician could go very far if they built a business in the same
way that an entrepreneur does.  I think the world is too random to
generalize, but I speculate that there might be some sort of organizational
or size limit to an indie artist’s growth unless he or she leveraged the majors at a mature point in their career.
  As parallel, many
“regular” businesses need the assistance of a bank to grow, even if
they are doing wonderfully on their own.  I see a similar alignment with
the majors to bring an indie artist to “maximum” popularity, whatever
that is.
CR: I’m gonna say a few words...tell me the first thing that comes to
mind...let’s start with your name (Dyniss)...
Dyniss:  Man of Song.
CR: Change
Dyniss:  Chaos.
CR: Journey
Dyniss:  “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy (I’m reading it right
CR: Destination
Dyniss:  Long-term satisfaction.
CR: Life
Dyniss:  Precious and beautiful.
CR: Favourite word
Dyniss:  “Nature” -- because I love it.
CR: Least favourite word
Dyniss:  “Cannot” -- because it means to give up.
CR: Favourite word to cuss with
Dyniss:  “Fuck” -- it’s definite and it’s monosyllabic, therefore
easy to utter.
CR: If I stole your iPod/iPhone/iPad or MP3 player...aside from my
songs and Rogue Mag’s The Book Of Angels video podcasts what else would i find.
Dyniss:  A lot of old music which I grew up on which is a bit embarrassing, a lot of obscure music of things I discovered randomly on the interweb, and a lot of personal success audio books.
CR: For all of our readers who will hear some of your songs, read the interview and become instant fans; tell them where they can learn more about you, your music, any upcoming projects, events or albums. Tell everyone your website addresses?
Dyniss:  I’ve launched a Facebook fan page for the first time at http://www.facebook.com/dyniss.  There are a few photos there and I plan to pseudo-blog about things going on and offer my opinion on them.  My old school website is at http://www.dyniss.com  
CR: Cool, on behalf of the Rogue Mag I wanna personally thank you for taking the time out to chit-chat with me. Keep on pushing and we will work together again!!!
Dyniss:  Thank you!  Ditto, Mr. Rudder!