Drew Smith

Posted by Christopher Rudder

Drew Smith’s sophomore album “The Secret Languages” is a slow build. 

His songs stick, and then grow. The multi-instrumentalist, Smith, crafted his new album about ‘language and love’ this past year at The House of Miracles Studio in London, Ontario this time also taking the reins as Producer.

Smith’s first album “Fossils” saw multiple successes, with songs making it into CBS’s legal drama “Shark”, Screen Gem’s movie “The Stepfather” and 2011’s thriller “The Roommate.”  Known for his mature songwriting and swooning vocals, Smith looks forward to releasing “The Secret Languages” to his quickly growing fan base.

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“Smoke and Mirrors”

by: Drew Smith


CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and Rogue Magazine’s Hearing Aid . How Are You? 

Drew Smith: Very well thanks, a bit exhausted, but all is well! How are you?

CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.

Drew Smith: as far as education goes, I'm an archaeologist.

CR: As an artist, the musical journey is a long (trust me I know) and can not be done by oneself. Who are some of the people in your life who have supported you and continue to support you through you musical career.

Artist:  Definitely have to thank my family and wife for not thinking I'm that far gone. 

CR: So...At what point in your life did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career and realize that you had what it takes to succeed in the messed up industry.

Drew Smith:  I definitely first fell in love with playing music when my folks got me a guitar at 13. The industry has definitely changed a lot in the last decade and success is measured on so many different levels.  I think most musicians come to a point where they realize that making music is a life long passion whether or not they financially benefits from it.  


CR: With the emergence of Online Independent Music Labels such as iTunes that can market/promote music primarily through the internet medium via the assistance of the burgeoning online communication networks such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace do you think that the major record labels in the world will eventually cease to be the gatekeepers to musicians seeking lucrative sales and worldwide acclaim.

Drew Smith:   I have no doubt that iTunes, Youtube, kickstarter etc, have really changed the industry.  I think things are changing so quickly that it is hard to tell what the landscape of the industry will be next year.  Piracy is heading towards infinity and I have no doubt that in a year or two from now all digital albums will be free or pay what you can.  But I think thats good for the artist.  Artists have never made a lot of money from Album sales comparatively.  If fans can access your music easily and support your live show, I think that's a great thing.  Fans will finally have all the control!

CR: For all of our readers who will hear some of your songs, read the interview and become instant fans; tell them where they can learn more about you, your music, any upcoming projects, events or albums. Tell everyone your website addresses?

[color=#333233]Drew Smith:   I would suggest [/color][url=http://www.drewsmith.ca/]http://ww.drewsmith.ca[/url][color=#333233] [/color][url=http://www.facebook.com/drewsmithsongs]http://www.facebook.com/drewsmithsongs[/url][color=#333233], and maybe [/color][url=http://www.twitter.com/drewsmithmusic]http://ww.twitter.com/drewsmithmusic[/url]

CR: Cool, on behalf of the Rogue Mag I wanna personally thank you for taking the time out to chit-chat with me. Keep on pushing and we will work together again!!!

Drew Smith: thanks again for having me!

C.R. Tell us the story behind the song you submitted for the feature:

Drew Smith: Smoke and Mirrors is basically about love and relations gone awry, for nonextant reasons.