Ben G

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Ben G

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Like a bat out of hell, Métis singer/songwriter, Ben G. released his EP, "Cut You In," and in the same year he became the first London, Ontario solo act to win a Richardson Music Award and London Music Award.
He was on the cover of Uncharted Sounds Magazine (the issue became their most viewed to date.) and the front page of the London newspaper. He was interviewed on the National T.V network APTN

Enter “Addiction”, the songs bridge reminds me of a chorus from a song in the play/movie “Rent” were you feel the singers obsession, compulsion, and/or excessive psychological dependence. It’s a gateway drug, thus turning you into an addict fiending for more.

The only possible treatment is to listen to the rest of the album hoping that Ben puts out another album real soon and interventionists: Jeff VanVonderen, Candy Finnigan or Ken Seeley from the show Intervention can not tell you otherwise.

Enter Ben G....

Check out the video for Ben G.’s song “Addiction”

CR: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?

Ben: I'm great, thank you so much for having me as a featured Artist in your magazine.

CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don't know.

Ben: Well, fans might not know that I originally went to school for film and photography, and that I do a lot of graphic work for my website and over see all-of-the visual promo material. I also story boarded my music video for 'Addiction,' filmed and produced by Wreckless Productions.

CR: So...At what point in your life did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career and realize that you had what it takes to succeed in the messed up industry.

Ben: I've been interested in making music my entire life. I've played bass since I was 14, and at 15 I worked on the Street Team for Carson Daily's record label in NYC, '456 Records'. I realized then that I wanted to pursue music as a performer and I could potentially succeed based on my work ethic, and because I was given a head start in the understanding of promotion. The rest as they say, is history.

CR: What experience do you value more and in turn get more personal satisfaction from as an artist: The creative process of making a song from the thoughts, inspirations and feelings to the writing, producing and/or recording of that song OR performing the finished track at one of your live shows and feeling/seeing the crowds positive reaction and love for your musical genius.

Ben: I love both, but the process of writing and recording my music is something I really enjoy. Being in the studio and allowing creativity to flow is very satisfying to me. On the flip side, performing to a live audience gets my adrenaline pumping and allows the showman in me to connect with the crowd.

CR: Who are the musical legends that influenced you growing up, and/or affected your musical career and who are the unsigned artists you respect and love

Ben: Stone Temple Pilots, Marcy Play Ground, Sheryl Crow, and the Smashing Pumpkins are just a few of the legends that have influenced me and my music. Indie legend, Bif Naked is a huge inspiration too, I think she is one of the best examples a successful Canadian Artist who runs their own label.

CR: I'm gonna say a few words...tell me the first thing that comes to mind...lets start with your name Ben...

Ben: G.? lol

CR: Change

Ben: Improvement

CR: Journey

Ben: Travel

CR: Destination

Ben: Arrive

CR: Life

Ben: is awesome

CR: Favourite word

Ben: F%!*

CR: Least favorite word

Ben: whimsical

CR: Favorite word to cuss with

Ben: see fav word above.

CR: If I stole your iPod or MP3 player...aside from my songs and all of RogueMag's podcasts what else would i find.

Ben: Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Chevelle, Marcy Playground

CR: For all of our readers who will hear some of your songs, read the interview and become instant fans; tell them where they can learn more about you, your music, any upcoming projects, events or albums. Tell everyone your website addresses?

Ben: You can learn more about my music at , there are links to itunes and a webstore so you can pick up a copy of my EP, 'Cut You In'. My video for the first single off the CD, 'Addiction', can be viewed on Youtube and MySpace. I also have a Facebook page where fans can see a more personal side of me, I like to share my photography. As far as seeing/hearing me live, I have an upcoming live radio performance on SoundFM in Waterloo and a band showcase in Niagra Falls this summer.

CR: Cool, on behalf of the RogueMag Familia I wanna personally thank you for taking the time out to chit-chat with me. Keep on pushing and we will work together again!!!

Ben: Thank you for interviewing me!