Amnesia, Amnesia

Posted by Christopher Rudder

Amnesia, Amnesia

Written by Christopher Rudder

My Advice:

Before you listen to any song by Amnesia Amnesia ensure that the volume is turned down to two. Once you hear the faint music then turn it up to the desired listen level. If you are a fan of good old metal/rock music then my advice need-not-apply...

Amnesia Amnesia formed in July 2008 as a 4-piece consisting of Graham Stone, Shayne Gosselin, Jordan Salmon and Jason Goettler. After playing a few shows in Belleville they realized the band required a frontman and as a result, Todd joined the band in August and they immediately began recording their EP, Versus the Bear which was released through Blacktop Records on December 16th of that same year. Ever since the band has been steadily playing shows throughout Ontario and preparing to record their next release, the length of which has yet to be determined. They will be embarking on a nation-wide tour on May 1st and will stay on the road until the latter half of June. 

From the album “ Versus the Bear” here’s Amnesia Amnesia with:
“ Bedknobs and Broomsticks”


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CR: I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to RogueMag. How Are You?
Todd: I'm absolutely wonderful today. Hopefully you're doing well also?
Jordan: My schedule consists of sitting in my bedroom and sleeping, so it's cool. And I'm awesome.
Graham:  I’m ok but stressed to the extreme.
Shayne: I’m excellent.  just woke up actually.

CR:...iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don’t know.
Jordan:  Most of us all live in different towns, for now anyways.
Todd: There's a secret track on our EP, if you rewind past the first song.
Graham: I like to catch butterflies and I do believe they are awesome.
Shayne: We are in the process of writing a full length CD and it is going to take a while but it will be worth it. We’re very happy on how it is turning out
CR: What experience do you value more and in turn get more personal satisfaction from as an artist: The creative process of making a song from the thoughts, inspirations and feelings to the writing, producing and/or recording of that song or performing the finished track at one of your live shows and feeling/seeing the crowds positive reaction and love for your musical genius?
Jordan: I bet every band answers this way but it is pretty much both. Thinking of a song is exciting because all you want to do is jam it, and then when you jam it without messing up for the first time it's an awesome feeling. Nothing beats playing in front of a crowd of people.
Graham: I would def have to say the creative process. Endless Possibilities.
Jason: I always enjoy the writing aspect of music. Something I've always done from the moment I was in my first band was record, at times I was frustrated with the process (probably because we never did it right, or took the time). But recently I've enjoyed recording and experimenting with getting drum sounds. But above all else there is nothing more satisfying then performing in front of a crowd of people who enjoy the music we've created.