Adriano Rotondo

Adriano Rotondo.

in the exclusive Rorschach Series of

Rogue Magazine 

by Andrew L. Rudder ~

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Adriano Rotondo is a gifted Italian photographer based in Milan, Italy, who uses his camera to encapsulate the rich diverse cultures within the organic Zietgeist of his country in intense imagery, and shares those breathtaking, profound photographs imbued with the broad spectrum of his creative diversity, with all and sundry.  His consciousness of the great artists whose creative portfolios encapsulated the rich evolution of the history of photography, and his discovery of his own unique voice combined with an adamant desire to launch a new era of photography within the industry, act together like the warp and the woof of a new tantalizing tapestry; the manifestation of which is like a tailor-made patchwork quilt of the new defining spirit of the times within the 21st century.  

He stands boldly to face the gatekeepers’ status quo in the photography world with an undeniable self-assurance, yet defiantly unbending, like a man of granite built from the ground up like a 15th-century Italian gothic cathedral in a florid French-Gothic design.  Like an internationally renown abstract painter, whose aim is to arrest the poetry of life in flux on the surface of his canvas within the confines of his frame, so that a century later when a stranger perceives his masterful creations, the poetry of that story within the arrested motion is read again and again and again.  The trials and tribulations, joyous momentous occasions, ardent love and casual concupiscence, pensive thoughts and the memorable triumphs of his life that are expressed through his photography will exclaim, ‘That art doesn’t merely imitate life and vice versa, but that they are one in the same.’  Like a man whose aim it is to arrest the poetry of life and the unique style of his subject’s souls in flux, so that a hundreds years from now, his photographs will move again in the eyes of others.  

Like a man imbued with the experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard, Adriano boldly experiments with lighting in his aesthetically, appealing studio photographs that have prepossessing models to ogle at: dressed in elegantly and stylishly fashionable